Morris Auto Sales

1437 Ashville Road Leeds, AL 35094

Welcome To Morris Auto Sales

Welcome to Morris Auto Sales
Several years ago my wife & I decided to open a used car dealership that would cater to high school or college age clients, although it really is with their parents.
Our business philosophy was & still is, pretty simple - sell a good product at a fair price, be honest with folks, and don't waste their time.
So as you look at our inventory, please keep in mind that we don't leave ourselves much room to negotiate, if any at all. We know that in order to sell cars on the Internet, our prices have to be competitive and our product has to be the best we can offer.
We set our prices using several tools such as Black Book, Kelly Blue Book & NADA. We also understand that just because the “book” gives us a price we must also consider the condition of the car, how many owners, & the general overall appearance of the vehicle. Also there is the “market” to consider. Some vehicles because of popularity garner a higher price. We do a lot of research to back up our pricing strategy. We'll tell you everything we know about the car you're interested in, help answer any trade-in questions, and assist you with financing if you want us to. It's as easy as it sounds.
All of our cars have our price posted on the windows. Our internet price, and the price posted on the window are all the same...We don't wait until you get out of your car to figure out how to price our cars. If you want to send your son or daughter in to see us, the price is the same. Pretty simple, huh? Well guess what? It works, so we're going to keep doing it.

Owner Larry Morris